Palazzo delle Esposizioni Archives - Hotel Columbia
Hotel Columbia is conveniently situated in the heart of the historic centre of Rome, between the Opera House and the last bastion of the Diocletian Baths. It is within walking distance to Termini, the main railway station where taxis, buses and the subway can be taken to all places of interest. From Hotel Columbia every major monument and tourist attraction is easily reached by a short walk.
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14 Jun

Dal 16 giugno al Palazzo delle Esposizioni le 139 foto finaliste del prestigioso concorso internazionale di fotogiornalismo che dal 1955 premia ogni anno i migliori fotografi professionisti....

Pixar mostra Roma Palazzo delle Esposizioni
11 Sep

From Toy Story, the first film ever to be totally "animated" on a computer, to its most recent offering, Coco, via Monsters & Co., Searching for Nemo, Cars and Inside Out, to name but a few of its titles, Pixar's films have always succeeded in...

25 Aug

The exhibition will present the largest ever selection of original artworks from Asian comics, displayed alongside their printed, mass-produced forms, much of them rarely if ever shown outside their country of origin...

Toscana 1965 by Berengo Gardin
18 May
Gianni Berengo Gardin

The photographer who has managed to capture the spirit of our era and our country possibly better than any other...

08 Apr
Matisse’s garden

While Matisse's scissors ran over the paper, he fantasised about what a bird must feel like when it flies. And as he cut out his shapes, he felt as though he were flying too....

23 Mar
CARAVAGGIO experience

Caravaggio Experience, a powerful and totally original video installation, combined with an original musical score and permeated with fragrances...

21 Mar
Roma Anni Trenta – Le Quadriennali

120 opere in mostra - di maestri quali Campigli, Capogrossi, Carrà, Casorati, de Chirico, Depero, Mafai, Marini, Martini, Severini, Sironi, Scipione...

29 Jan
Botero, Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

The Way of the Cross. The Passion of Christ is a cycle of works created by Fernando Botero between 2010 and 2011. The cycle, which comprises twenty-seven oil paintings and thirty-four works on paper, and which has been shown in numerous countries on...