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Hotel Columbia is conveniently situated in the heart of the historic centre of Rome, between the Opera House and the last bastion of the Diocletian Baths. It is within walking distance to Termini, the main railway station where taxis, buses and the subway can be taken to all places of interest. From Hotel Columbia every major monument and tourist attraction is easily reached by a short walk.
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empty moves
14 May
Empty moves

“Preljocaj at his best, pushing to the limits an abstract and sensual dance where the couples appear to be continually embracing ...

04 Apr
Lo scoiattolo in gamba / Il carnevale degli animali

Una combinazione irresistibile dove la musica si libera giocando con sé stessa e con il pubblico in un vortice di allegria e tanto divertimento. Lo spettacolo è particolarmente indicato per la fascia d’età 4-14 ...

26 Feb
Roberto Bolle and Friends July 25 & 26

Roberto Bolle and Friends is a Gala Evening at Terme di Caracalla featuring some of the most brilliant stars from the world of dance alongside the famous ...