Colosseum, underground and third ring - Hotel Columbia
Hotel Columbia is conveniently situated in the heart of the historic centre of Rome, between the Opera House and the last bastion of the Diocletian Baths. It is within walking distance to Termini, the main railway station where taxis, buses and the subway can be taken to all places of interest. From Hotel Columbia every major monument and tourist attraction is easily reached by a short walk.
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11 Aug Colosseum, underground and third ring

After the winter break, the Underground of the Colosseum reopen to the public with the tours – limited and subject to booking – that allow you to descend into the hypogeum of the most famous and visited ancient monument in the world.

The tour ends with a climb to the third ring, an extraordinary point of view of the valley of the Colosseum with the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.


Colosseum, underground and third ring. 

January – December 2017

It will be possibile to book ONLY on website every third Monday of the month for the following month.

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